Four Seasons Bali Jimbaran Bay
With Bali’s travel “sweet spot” falling in February and March, now’s the time to take advantage of luxe-for-less deals in the island paradise. Lauren Caruana and Grace Smith break down some of the best deals available.
Amatara Resort & Wellness Hammam Ice Bowl

When it comes to health and wellness, Thailand remains at the forefront of pure bliss …

Katie Milton spends a few indulgent days in a secluded corner of Phuket.

Walk Japan

Gary Allen gives up two wheels for his own two feet to explore the rich traditions and …

Bhutan, prayer flags

Since opening its borders to tourism, the Buddhist nation of Bhutan has revealed the …


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The Asian climate, one of the most varied due to its great size, is greatly influenced my monsoon winds. In the winter (Dec-Jan) cold monsoons from the Arctic blow into East Asia resulting in extremely dry, and freezing weather conditions. In the summer the monsoons blow in from the seas to the south causing the weather to become hot and humid. Tropical Asian (Phillipines, Thailand) countries experience warm and hot weather throughout the year with East Asia (Japan, Mongolia) experiencing a relatively temperature climate. 


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