Three of the best hotels in Iceland

Looking for a unique luxury property in the Icelandic countryside? Here are our top picks.

Hotel Ranga

A classic log cabin-style lodge in southern Iceland, around an hour from Reykjavik, Hotel Ranga makes for a warm and cosy retreat on a windswept plain. It’s decorated with a whole host of quirky pieces from around the world, like surfboards, zebra skins and a 10-foot tall polar bear named Hrammur. Three outdoor hot tubs are filled with geothermal water, overlooking the East Ranga River.

Rooms start from around €299 (about A$420) per night.


Ion Adventure Hotel

This sleek, bold hotel is in the middle of the popular Golden Circle route, jutting sharply out of an icy hillside. Interiors are decorated with driftwood, lava and concrete, and photographs of Icelandic ponies adorn the walls. The private geothermal spa features water pumped straight from the nearby volcanic hot springs.

Rooms start from around ISK48,600 (about A$575) per night.


Ulfljotsskali Lodge

A self-contained lodge in the Golden Circle, Ulfljotsskali is operated by Iceland Luxury Lodges. There are nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms, along with an outdoor hot tub, firepit, sauna, gym and plenty of open plan living space. It’s a great option for families or groups looking for the space and luxury of a private home.

The lodge is priced from US$2200 (about A$2900) per night.


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Weather to go

Iceland has a cool oceanic climate, as its location on the gulf stream rules the climate and keeps temperatures surprisingly pleasant for a place named after ice.  Winters in the lowlands usually have an average temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, while summer temperatures are usually around 10 degrees Celsius.  The most characteristic part of Iceland's weather is the wind, which the native tongue has nine different terms to describe.  The most popular time to visit is in Summer, between June and August.


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