Private island picnic at VOMO

When you stay at VOMO you can spend a day luxuriously marooned on your very own private island

VOMO Lailai (little Vomo) is a tiny deserted island just to the west of VOMO Island Fiji, where guests can have a private romantic experience marooned in total luxury for a few hours. Guests are ferried to the island by boat and given a two-way radio to call the mainland when they want to return, ensuring complete seclusion on the picturesque private island. Once there, guests can explore the rocky outcrops, snorkel in the thriving reefs that fringe the island and partake in a gourmet picnic on the white-sand beach complete with sun loungers, umbrellas and champagne. After lunch the VOMO boat is just a radio call away.

The Vomo LaiLai experience is FJD$600 (about A$384) per couple.


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Fiji generally maintains year round warm temperatures, however there is a spike in temperature during the wet season between November and March. The cooler dry season occurs between May to September. From late October to early November the weather is dry and warm, and there are less crowds as Fiji is at its most popular during school holidays (July-August, and the Christmas and New Year period).


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