The Star goes glam with three new themed suites

Picture a soundproof private room, a bottle of Moët cooling in an ice bucket, a concierge on call, and disco hits blasting through the sound system and you’re close to the interiors of The Star Sydney’s new seventies-themed suite.

Branded by a gold plaque that reads ‘70s glam’, the room hides behind a set of black double doors adorned with crystal doorknobs. Inside, a circular red sofa sits in the centre of the room and cherry neon lips brighten the far wall. A pair of fishnet-clad female legs hold up the kitchen counter, and below the spinning disco ball is a swinging lounge bed suspended from the ceiling by thick rope (champagne holder in the centre, of course). Behind the gold shimmering curtain is a booth-style karaoke lounge hooked up to Spotify, while in the bedroom a wall of hanging gold beads surrounds a sunken circular bed. There’s no way of knowing what time of day it is outside, the suite enclosing you and your party in your own self-contained Studio 54 fantasy. 

Alongside two other themed suites – the Cyberpunk-inspired virtual reality gaming room, and the gothic Dark Romance Studio with a signature canopy bed and outdoor balcony – just launched by The Star Sydney in the Astral Residences, the suite has been designed for private parties of up to 25 people.

The hotel is determinedly cosmopolitan. The complimentary bedroom coffee is Italian, the chinaware Luxembourgian. The executive chef is Spanish, from Rioja.


Rates for the 70s Glam Studio start from A$1,500 per night.



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