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Explore India with this special tour from Pure India Collection.

Pure India Collection- Incredible Escapes by the Taj

Grand traditions commenced by erstwhile maharajas. Splendid courtyards that witnessed royal celebrations. Secret recipes that won over generations of emperors. Each Taj palace is steeped in stories and history. Explore four of them in one incredible escape and live the life of Indian royals.

Allow the Taj to sweep you into the splendour and elegance of India's royal heritage. Relive the lifestyle of a maharajah at a spectacular suite at a Taj heritage palace. Gracious butlers, descendants of the erstwhile royal retainers, serve you in a style that was once the sole preserve of royalty and make you feel like a guest of the maharaja.

Incredible Royal Escapes Offer includes a 6 nights stay; Choose 4 nights in any combination across the 4 Grand Palaces; Itinerary includes buffet breakfast, 20% discount on spa and food and beverage (soft beverages only). All current taxes included. From $1499 per person

For reservations and enquiries online:

E: enquiry@pureindiacollection.com.au

W: pureindiacollection.com.au

W: outandabouttravel.com.au


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Weather to go

India maintains hot temperatures year-round, however the coolest time to go is from the end of November to the beginning of March. From the end of March until June, the climate reaches peak temperatures and is usually dusty, while monsoon rains occur between June and October. 


Best places to stay

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